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How to Prevent Home Damage From Tree Roots
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How to Prevent Home Damage From Tree Roots

Learn how to prevent home damage caused by tree roots. Understand the growth patterns and communication of tree roots to anticipate potential damage. Common damages caused by roots include plumbing issues and landscape deformation. Look for signs of abnormal growth and damage in your home’s structures to identify potential root problems. Consider installing effective root barriers to redirect root growth away from your home’s foundation. Regular professional tree maintenance can also help prevent root damage. Homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover tree root damage, but confirm the cause before filing a claim. Safely remove trees causing damage or install root barriers to prevent further damage. Respect property boundaries to avoid legal consequences if a tree damages a neighbor’s property. Conduct root system checks at least once a year and select slow-growing tree species to minimize root damage.

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Tree Cycling

We recycles 100% of all the green waste produced from tree surgery operations also called tree cycling. The South-African Landfill

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